Template:Basic Infobox TemplateAbe Miyuki (あべ  美幸; Abe Miyuki) is a manga author and artist. She was born in Japan on January 4, 1972 and is currently 44 years old. Miyuki is famous for her works in Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East and the Super Lovers series.[1] She specializes in shounen-ai manga and her first debut was on 1993 with the manga Kimi wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru and soon after Basshingu Renai.[2][3]

She publishes her work in Kadokawa Shoten alongside Emerald which is a collaborative Shoujo/Boys Love manga magazine with Nakamura Shungiku, author of the popular series Junjou Romantica: Pure Romance, which originated from the Sekaiichi Hatsukoi series also written by Nakamura.[4]

Abe Miyuki IRL

Abe Miyuki's Works Edit

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