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Kaidou Aki (海棠 亜樹; Kaidou Aki) is a supporting character in the "Super Lovers" manga and anime written by Abe Miyuki. He is the older twin-brother of Shima Kaidou and lives in the Kaidou household with the three other brothers. He is currently attending college with his younger twin brother Shima.


Aki is a very handsome young man with black hair and brown eyes. He dresses quite casually and usually has on a pair of jeans and a shirt on. In terms of height, Aki is shorter than his younger brother Shima.


Aki appears to be quite the hothead sometimes, but he is very caring toward the people around him.


Aki and his brother Shima are half-brothers to Haru. Aki's father, Takashi, was previously married to Haru's mother, Haruko. He grew up with Shima and when Haru turned eight he moved in with them all the way from Canada. At the age of about thirteen, Aki's parents died leaving Haru to care for them. Later Ren was introduced, Mikiko explained how Aki's parents had adopted Ren three months before they passed away. At first Aki was very hesitant and rude to their adopted brother, Ren, but eventually he accepted the youngest brother into the family.


Aki is the more brash of all the brothers; seeming to come off rude more often than not due to his honesty and an apparent temper. Aki seems to have the least civil manners of everyone included, less than even Ren, and an almost lack of respect of others. According to Ren, "Aki's mad whenever he's not in a good mood", summing up his personality in general. He also shows possession over his twin, Shima, while acting like the maturest of the pair whenever Haru isn't present.

It is vaguely expressed that Aki and Shima were once hostile towards Haru for a time due to blaming him for their parents' deaths in a car accident, in which Haru was the lone survivor (upon returning to Japan after spending his first summer with Ren at age 17). Both twins overcome their resentment by the time period of Ren coming into their lives 4/5 years later.

He was originally distant, and almost hostile, towards Ren when first discovering him at Haru's flat (as Haru had expected and even attempted to hide Ren to avoid trouble). Eventually, he overcame those feelings and the Kaidou family was officially started; and moving into one house together.

Aki's birthday is presumably near the end of October, chapter 20 shows him celebrating his and Shima’s twentieth birthday around Halloween.

Both he and Shima attend University and work in the Kaidou family cafe.

He and his brother are both of Japanese descent which plays a roll in the plot when Haru struggles with the constant looks and glances he gets for looking like "an outsider" (due to his mother being Canadian).


Kaidou Haru[]

The oldest brother and Aki's half brother.

Haru is Aki's older half brother. He cared for Aki and Shima after their parents died, and even took a job as a host to pay for Aki and Shima's tuition for college. Aki, along with Shima, always wanted to be around Haru. In a flash back it is shown how the twins were very jealous of how much time Haru spent with Natsuo. Haru only wanted to sleep with Natsuo because of how much the twins moved during their sleep, which inevitably made the twins jealous.

Kaidou Shima[]

The third youngest brother and Aki's younger twin.

Shima and Aki have always been together since birth. They are almost the opposite in personality.

Kaidou Ren[]

The youngest brother and Aki's adoptive brother.

Ren was introduced to the family a few years after Aki and Shima's parents passed away from the accident. Aki disliked him at first for taking so much of Haru's attention, but slowly grew to to withstand him. They now live in thesame household with the two other brothers.


  • His name Aki means "second" (亜) (a) and "tree" (樹) (ki).
  • Aki is also a homophone for "autumn" 秋 which would follow Haru and Natsuo’s seasonal name theme if the kanji for his name were different.