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Akira Enomoto (榎本 瑛; Enomoto Akira) is a minor character in the "Super Lovers" manga written by Abe Miyuki. He is a bad-boy type character in the manga who acts contemptuously towards other people. Akira usually gets tailed by two other students around the school, making him look more intimidating. He is in the same scholarship program as Ren and lives in the same dormitory as Juuzen.


Akira has short and messy gray hair and is fairly attractive (In chapter 21, Kiri referred to him as one of the few cute guys in school) He has an expressionless face and rarely shows emotion except for the widening of his eyes, a frown, or a smirk when he finds something amusing. Sometimes he wears a hoodie and jeans to school and other times a normal school uniform.


Akira 2

Appearance in the manga

Akira is intelligent, but can be quite rude at times. He has a condescending, egoistic attitude and doesn't show much expression when talking to other people, as shown in chapter 21 in the manga.


Akira moved from Hokkaido to Tokyo after his parents divorced. His mother used to be an actress and his father is the president of a production company who has been with countless other women since his parents split. He doesn't contact his parents often. Akira is the half-brother of Seri, the daughter of a neighborhood florist that works near the Kaidou's shop. He is the other scholarship student besides Ren, and used to have a dog that resembled Ren. Kurosaki Juuzen and Akira live in the same dorm. They are both freshman and have little sisters. Currently he is one of three members of the Goat Rearing Club, along with Ren and Juuzen. His main job is feed and take care of Captain, the shepherding dog that rounds up all of the goats at the end of the school day.

Since entering 2nd year, he has become Juuzen's self-proclaimed rival and friends with Ren. It has been stated in the manga that he has romantic feelings for Kiho (Mr. Enomoto (Akira's father) last wife).


Akira has a sly, intelligent, cool and calm exterior who isn't afraid to say what he thinks but rarely speaks more than he has to.He also can keep grudges for a long time and has a strange way of showing his interests for people. Since he doesn't interact with people and his face is almost always expressionless, it's hard to understand what he's thinking. He has a round about way of conveying messages to people and he's pretty selfish, so he'll use all his connections to get what he wants. Akira has a dirty mouth and doesn't like people he cares about being insulted.


Kaidou Ren[]

Akira's classmate and rival

Akira passive-aggressively picks on Ren, as shown in chapter 21 in the manga. This may be because Ren is in the same scholarship program or he may just enjoy doing it. Akira does notice Ren's intelligence which was shown when Ren finished "the hardest puzzle in the world" in mere minutes after Akira gives it to him. Recently, he has become fond of teasing Ren for acting like a total virgin.

Kurosaki Juuzen[]

Akira's classmate and self-proclaimed rival

Akira teases him relentlessly by calling him a 'hoodlum' and makes comments about how stupid he is. Juuzen has declared him his rival as of chapter 29, although Akira seemed uninterested.


Akira's friend

Akira's friend that followed him around everywhere during their first year at Souryou. When Akira was considering moving out of the dorms, he offered his own house in Setagaya saying that his "parents are never home, so they won't care." Recently, he's extremely jealous of Ren for taking Akira's full attention and even blamed Ren for Akira's neglect of him.


He first appears in chapter 21 when he tells Ren and his friend Juuzen to get out of the way. He then asks Ren if he's close to one of the trustees of Souryou and when Ren answers by saying that Mikito is the Kaidou's landlord, Akira whispers "Shit. I knew it was a pull," and challenges Ren the next morning to solve the World's hardest puzzle before the end of the school day. At sometime before noon, Ren appears and tells Akira he took it apart and put it back together again. The group of people that always surrounds Akira stop teasing him and are dumbstruck. One of Akira's groupees comments that Ren is lying and that it took him a week to figure out one piece. Akira tells Ren to explain in a way that would let the simpler guys understand. Ren shows how he solved it and tosses the puzzle to Akira. When Akira solves it after hearing Ren's instructions, one of his friends says that Akira is pretty special too since he solved it easily after hearing it only once. Akira throws the puzzle at point blank range at the groupies face and confirms that there's gonna be a physical education class with the room next door. He comments on it by saying "It'll be a really fun day."

Akira 1 Judo

Judo outfit

During the physical education class, Akira pairs up with Ren. He insults Ren saying that adopting an abandoned child with unknown parents and bringing it overseas because he was a little smart sounds just like human trafficking. Akira then abruptly throws Ren down and choke holds him. Ren manages to get out by headbutting Akira and flipping him over. In the last page of Chapter 21, Akira is seen sitting on the stairs with a cup in hand saying, "That Kaidou Ren -- is very cheeky!!"