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Tofutush Tofutush 7 September 2022

Where can I read this?

Is there anywhere I can read these, preferably online and not in paperback? Thank you so much.

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EvaMei EvaMei 14 March 2021

Discussion & queries

Hi, I hope this is the right place to discuss about this anime (if not so, i'm sorry ^^')

So... what I want to know are just 2 things, below:

  1. Is this anime explicit or not? wanted to know this from a very long time. Whenever I asked this from others, they would either tell me yes, no or maybe. -_- pretty vague. So, I want people, anybody, who comes to this blog post as a coincidence or not, please do reply me. Onegai VwV

So, further next question's gonna be pretty absurd or weird. But I really, really need the answer!!! X(

2. How many times do the main/secondary/minor characters kiss? Or are they involved in any sexual relationship? (I know well that few anime do show huge age gapped relationships, so thats' why) I'm not really talking about s…

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Junjō Junjō 21 October 2016

Article Content Manual


Talk about the character's past and main events that happened in their lives.


Talk about how they act. Their characteristics [Example: Witty, Outgoing, etc]. Try to compare these characteristic to things they've actually done in the series.


How they look like [Hair, Clothing, Distict features, etc]. The Anime and Manga can differ, make sure to include that variance.


What they've done in the series. This should be written as a synopsis. Keep the summary general and clear to understand.

It should be broken down into 2 subtopics:

Anime and Manga


Their relationships with other characters in the series. This should include what kind of relationship [Brother, Sister, etc]. And they're impact or influence…

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Junjō Junjō 21 October 2016

New Wiki Design

This wiki is a bit messy. Here's a list of things that have to be done to make it more refined and engaging.

  1. New character portals wth different orientation and design
  2. Replace bad infobox photos
  3. Redesign header photo
  4. Redesign background to something more simple and High Definition [Seeing pixels makes me sad]
  5. Attempt to rewrite everything
  6. Put everything into portable templates [Clear out messy coding and garbage everywhere]
  7. Start adding all minor characters
  8. Fix wiki navigation
  9. Add achivements
  10. Add manga episodes list
  11. Add manga volumes list
  12. Make portable signs [Instead of copying the code over and over again]
  13. Fix tabber tab borders [Remove the border]
  14. Take out all useless categories
  15. Better HD videos
  16. Add citations for external information
  17. Add twitter widget f…
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Junjō Junjō 24 August 2016

Super Lovers Season 2 Announced January 2017

The anime is getting a new season, which I'm totally excited about! o(≧∇≦o)

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