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The accident[]

News about a trailer colliding with the car of the Kaidou family came out. Haru's father and his wife were confirmed dead, while Haru was in critical condition. Haru had been in a coma for a month. When he woke up he couldn't remember what had happened to his parents, his trip to Canada nor about Ren.


Haru, as a host

Their grandparents only accepted their biological grandsons, Aki and Shima. From then on, Haru had to move on his own. Haru was only seventeen at that time. After graduating, Haru became a host and continued to take care of his step brothers' school fees.

Five years later, Haru had been a host for four years already, under the name of "Natsu", and had developed a strong brother complex.

Ren came to Japan[]

Haru went to see Mikiko Kashiwagi, Haruko's close friend and the family lawyer. She reminds him of something important he left behind, in Canada.

"It doesn't matter if he has forgotten. A promise is a promise. I will live with Haru in Japan." - Ren

When Ren appears in front of him, Haru hears for the first time that his biologic father and his wife also adopted Ren, and that officially, Haru, the twins and Ren are now brothers.

As the eldest brother, Haru takes Ren home with him. On the way home, Haru asks Ren about Quark and Lepton, but as expected, because Ren knew Haru grew up with them. Unfortunately, Ren tells Haru they both died a month after Haru left Canada, but as the accident happened when he left and he woke up a month later, Ren believes Lepton and Quark were the ones who saved Haru. The whole time Ren was with Haru, he only did what Haru said.


Haru reeking of alcohol, cigarettes and women

Haru's customers were having the fun of their lives hearing that Haru has gotten another little brother. He told them how Ren blew up eggs in the microwave and how when he said he was hungry, Haru told him that there was no food in the house, but their fridge is outside and looks like a supermarket. There, Ren was attracted to wassabi and rice.

His fellow hosts were not very pleased to see Haru talking about his family and his customers having so much fun just listening to him. Noticing that, Haru thought:

"You guys have already lost on looks alone." -Haru

In the meantime, Ren found a hobby and Haru began to came to an empty house, as Ren was spending time at the library, interested in Japanese and Chinese classics, but when Haru found Ren looking at the manga store, he thought Ren could act his age sometimes too. Haru bought Ren some manga, as a reference to study Japanese culture, only to hear Ren freaking out he couldn't follow the frames, thus he was unable to read the manga properly.

Ren had been there for month already but never washed. Haru forced him to, but after they finished, Haru had the feeling he had been through that before. That moment, Aki and Shima knocked at the door, so Haru told Ren to stay in the bathroom and to not come out of there until he said so.

Aki and Shima found out about Ren[]


Aki and Shima

Because Haru went out with Aki and Shima and didn't tell Ren to come out, Ren waited for him to come back, late at night, in the bathroom, though he said he didn't like bathrooms, especially the dark and cramped ones. When Haru realized what he had done, he felt so sorry for leaving Ren like that. Ren told him it was ok and it was not like the door was locked, which somehow add more pain in Haru's heart.

Even though Haru was able to trick Aki, Shima was able to tell there were a pair of snickers, that probably belonged to a little boy. Aki thought Haru accidentally had a child, but Shima remembered someone told him that Haruko was at the airport with a boy. He actually searched through their family registry and found out the truth before Haru had even thought of a way to let them know about Ren.

One night, Haru told Ren what had happened to him after the accident and how he felt. Ren only wanted to assure Haru he wasn't alone, feeling that loneliness was Haru's worst fear. The second day, Haru took Ren to the zoo. Ren sees to like elephants as he asked Haru if there were real elephants there, making Haru actually wonder how would fake elephants looked like. Aki and Shima appear out of nowhere, knowing about Ren, and because they even saw him, Aki become very angry telling them he would never accept Ren as their brother.


Shima and Haru

"It doesn't matter. I don't care if you accept me or not. I just came to keep my promise to Haru. So, don't think of me as a brother. Haru is the only family I need." -Ren

Based on Ren's confession, Aki felt like a brother-in-law who wouldn't accept his brother's relationship. Aki and Ren started a ruckus and they both claimed Haru, causing Shima to feel completely embarrassed because of that situation.