This chapter starts the settings in the hospital, inside the room where Haru is confined. Because of the accident that Haru was pushed by Asakura Ayumi in the stairs, Haru was unconscious for a week. Haru encountered no problems neither defective nor in danger organs upon the crime. But, nobody knows what really happened at that time because Haru forgot all the happenings in the past 8 years; therefore, Haru got an amnesia at the second time.

Ren stayed in the hospital waiting for Haru to wake up for a week. Haru still unconscious so Ren was there waiting for him up again. They were relieved because no severe fractures or damages dealt to Haru, but they wonder why he's still not get up. And suddenly, Ren kissed him while unconscious as an act of missing him. Finally, Haru woke up and gain consciousness. 

Haru: "Where am I?"

Ren: "You're in the hospital, and it's already a week since then. I need to call someone here."

Haru: "Wait, but first.................."

Haru: "Who are you?"

Ren: (No reaction on his face, but it feels like he was shocked)

Haru gained consciousness after a week, but he acts like a 17-year old teenage man. He forgot all things went from 8 years ago, but we all knew in the past 8 years there still an event when Haru was 17 years old, and it is when he and Ren first met at Canada. But still, he don't even remember Ren even he was told by Aki and Shima, and Mori-sensei. Ren, even he doesn't tell, it was written on his face that he is mad and sad after hearing Haru said, "Who are you?" telling that he doesn't know or recognized him.

Ren go visit Haru regularly even though they have troubles to understand each other as Haru dictates that Ren was so unlikeable, infers that he really doesn't recognized Ren. Haru's doctor told them that he can be out the hospital because they are no problem regarding his physical health, and get Mori-sensei's permission for him to be dispatched. Mori-sensei's also told Mikiko- Kaidou brothers' Land Lady and Lawyer, that if it is no problem with Haru's health then it's easy for him to recover from that amnesia, but it is seldom that patients got amnesia twice so it would be the problem for him.

When Haru was out the hospital and gets home, it's quite he doesn't recognized Ikuyoshi-san because he is in the 8-year timeline which is forgotten by Haru, but didn't know that he already runs a cafe and living with his brothers together with a house that similar to the house of Haruko in Canada.

During the night, when they are going to sleep, while Haru is in bed, Ren layed in bed together with him that made Haru shocked. 

Haru: "Why are you here?"

Ren: "This is also my sleeping quarters"

Haru: "You're sleeping with me?, doesn't it a weird thing?"

Ren: "You are the one who's behind this, I also say that 8 years ago but you always insist"

Haru: "Do I must prefer women than dudes?"

Ren: "You think?"

Haru: "Ok, if you will sleep here so I'll just sleep at the sofa bed"

Ren: (holds Haru's hand as an act of stopping him) "You're the one who brought me here in Japan. And you're the one who said you want me to live together". 

Ren: "You are also the one who said you want me to sleep together. You're also the one who said you don't want to sleep alone"

Haru: "Do you like guys?"

Ren: "I dont know, but I like you, probably sexually"

Haru: "I don't descriminate, but can you not involved me with that?"

Ren: "Why? if you dont discriminate then why not try?"

Then Ren kissed Haru.................................................

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