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"Twelve hours on a plane from Narita. Three and a half hours in a car from Calgary International Airport. I traveled this far because, just before summer vacation began, I got an urgent message which said "mother's on a verge of death". I didn't take it seriously, but ... "on a verge of death"?"[1]Haru

"It's been five days since I arrived. So far, I've lost every battle. I'm getting discouraged." [2]Haru

"It's no problem if you stay a child for a while longer. If you become an adult so quickly you won't need me."[3]Haru

"If I said I want to touch him, kiss him, push him over the edge, bite him, make a mess of him. I wonder what kind of face he'd make."[4]Haru

"Ren hasn't noticed at all. I've belonged to him since long ago. My entire being has already been seized by those small hands."[5]Haru

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