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Haru is a very attractive young man with platinum blonde hair and light green eyes. He used to be bullied because of the color of his eyes. Haruko D. Dieckmann (Haru's biological mother) admitted she was Japanese only because of Haru's grandmother. When he was in Canada and whenever he's at home, Haru is usually seen wearing comfortable clothes. When he is working at his cafe, he wears a white button-up and a black apron. He is dating Ren Kaidō.


Haru is very friendly, smart and he is defensive when it comes to his brothers, especially to Ren. He is often called slow when it comes to understanding other people's intentions and emotions. He rarely gets mad or yells and when Ren confesses his love to him, he starts thinking what does that mean and if it's right to love Ren back, considering the age gap.


Haru lived with Haruko D. Dieckmann (his biological mother) in the Canadian mountains until he was eight years old. "To be honest, I don't wanna remember those days"[1]. He was sent to Japan when he was young by his mother's decision, but later, after nine years, as a sophomore, he returned to Canada to visit her after she sent him a message saying that she is dying.

Haru's parents divorced when Haru was still young. His mother is a popular novelist and genius physicist, still living in Canada, while his father had remarried, and Haru used to live with his new family in Japan. He has two younger twin half-brothers: Aki Kaidō and Shima Kaidō.


Before his seventeenth summer, Haru got an urgent message, "mother's on the verge of dying" [2]. Even if Haru was worried about having to leave Aki Kaidō and Shima Kaidō by themselves more than for his mother, everyone encouraged him to go to Canada. On the way there, Haru was told that his mother had adopted "a new puppy", but Rob was talking about Ren Kaidō, while Haru seriously thought it was about a puppy.


Young Haru.

As Haru arrived, Ren jumped on Rob's car, shocking Haru a bit, but Haruko told Haru to catch Ren or there'd be no dinner for him, so Haru immediately grabbed the kid. Seeing Ren, his new eight-year-old brother, Haru thought he was Rob's nephew and felt like greeting and shaking hands with him, but Ren just bit Haru's hand.

"Food is serious business.[3]" — Haru

For five days Haru had been trying hard to 'civilize' Ren. Even if Haru couldn't tell, Haruko was still able to realize how Haru had changed Ren and she even told Haru about how and why she had adopted Ren. Only then, Haru remembered why Ren called his dogs, Lepton and Quark, 'brothers', and realized that it was not like Ren did not want to sleep in the house but he couldn't. Haru felt "out of place" also, when his father remarried and he met his "new family" for the first time, and he knew it was impossible for Ren to treat them as a family all of a sudden, which is why he let him sleep, outside, with his "brothers", for a little longer. When Haru kissed Ren's forehead for the first time, Ren thought he was "a scary human being"[4], and, even if he decided to not get close to Haru, soon, Ren was wearing shoes and began to come home earlier if Haru told him so.

When he was helping Ren to take a bath, Haru discovered there were marks of a cigarette burn on the soles of Ren's feet. Haru was told that Ren had those marks from when he was still in the orphanage, and Haru realized there was someone there who had wounded Ren, in such place so that it'd be hardly visible.

While they were at the river, Haru's eye color suddenly changed in the sunlight and was sparkling while reflecting the color of the river, so Ren called it 'weird', causing Haru to snap. Haru told Ren that was because he had the same eyes as his grandfather.

One rainy day, only the dogs returned home, causing Haru to run out and search for Ren. When he was found, Ren was stubbornly trying to get the lunch box that Haru gave him from the river, while floating on a piece of wood. Haru believed, at first, it was just because of the bag, only to realize that it was because Ren liked the rice.


Haru, "the scariest"

When Ren asked Haru if he was going back to Japan, Haru replied he still had half of the summer vacation, also he still hadn't gone fishing with Ren, nor played with the fireworks together. Ren was so touched that he began crying.

"I'm scared of nice people. That's why, of all the people I met, Haru is definitely, definitely, the scariest.[5]" — Ren

When Haru returned to Japan, on their way home from the airport, Haru, his father, and his father's second wife had a car accident. Only Haru survived, but he was in a coma for a month. When he woke up, Haru didn't remember anything about his trip to Canada.

"In an instant, I lost the entire foundation of my happiness. That was when I realized I was the biggest coward in the whole world.[6]" — Haru

After six years[7], Haru has already been working as a host for four years and he has been the one paying for his two younger brothers' school fees. The news that his third younger brother was coming to Tokyo to live with him, seriously shocked Haru, who didn't even remember anything about Ren.

Eventually, it takes Haru a while to remember Ren, their time spent together in Canada and also their promise. The four Kaidou brothers move in a new house, where they open a family restaurant attached to their home named White Fang; after Haru's favorite childhood book, which he read to Ren during his time in Canada and who brought it to Japan after their brief return. From there, Haru's relationship with Ren starts to develop.



Ren and Haru sleeping together

Ren Kaidō[]

Adoptive brother and the youngest; Haru has guardianship of Ren (LOVERS).

Ren is very mature, straightforward and honest, for his age, which captured Haru's attention the moment they met. For some reasons, Ren became someone special in Haru's life and he naturally knows how to make Haru feel better. He is also the one who taught Ren how to bathe, use utensils, take showers, etc. Haru is very affectionate towards Ren, often kissing him on the lips and providing whatever Ren needs. Haru also starts developing more than a “loving brother" feeling towards Ren. Ren confessed his feelings for Haru in chapter two and again in chapter nine, which starts their more intimate relationship. Haru has often kissed Ren multiple times in the series. When Ren mentions he wants to have sex with Haru in the second season, he ends up telling him he is too young. Ren then goes to Natsuo's house and tells him everything about their predicament. Before Ren and Natsuo were able to have sex, Haru came to Natsu's apartment to prevent the situation. Ren and Haru are open about their relationship.

Aki Kaidō and Shima Kaidō[]

Half brothers

Haru loves them that he takes care of them and he talks about them a lot, even while working as a host. Also the two of them seem to love and take care of him as well. Shima is never surprised by whatever Haru is doing, as long as it's Haru, while Aki even gets angry whenever Haru is not around and also learns to like Ren because of Haru.

Haruko D. Dieckmann[]

Biological mother

When Haruko is in Canada and Haru in Japan, they rarely contact each other, as Haruko is always focused on her work. When they're together, she gets angry if Haru calls her "mother" and asks him to call her "Haruko-san".

Natsuo Shiba[]


Natsuo and Haru are childhood playmates. In the manga it is shown how they usually sleep together in the same bed. Haru actually preferred to sleep with Natsuo than sleeping with the twins because Aki and Shima moved too much in their sleep. Natsuo became separated from the Kaidou brothers because of his father, but comes back after graduating school from Hawaii. Now, they tend to not get along even though their appearances are quite similar to each others (supposedly because of the time Haru finds Natsuo about to have sex with Ren). It is said in the manga that it was Natsuo's father's fault the twins, Aki and Shima, had troubles paying for tuition. Natsuo's father borrowed a lot of money from the Kaidou family, but fled to Hawaii to avoid paying for it. Thus, making Haru work to pay for Aki and Shima's tuition. Natsuo has complicated feelings of love and hatred towards Haru.


  • Haru appears to look more like a foreigner rather than a Japanese person because his mother is half American, half Japanese.


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