Haruko Daniela Dieckmann (晴子; Haruko) is a recurring character in the "Super Lovers" manga and anime written by Abe Miyuki. She is Haru's biological mother and the one who found and adopted Ren.

Haruko is half Japanese from her Mother's side and was born and raised in America. She is a popular novelist and lived in Alberta, Canada at the start of the series. A couple named Rob and Fumie usually drop by to check up on her and help around the house.

Appearance Edit

Haruko is a very beautiful woman with platinum blonde hair and amber eyes. She wears thin silver glasses and usually wraps her hair up in a bun.

Personality Edit

Haruko is a very eccentric and energetic person. She's always busy working because of the deadlines. She tends to be independent and usually doesn't warns those affected whenever she's taking decisions. Just as she dislikes to be bothered, she doesn't bother others with phone calls or with her presence.

History Edit

At the beginning, Haruko married a man named Takashi and they eventually gave birth to Haru. Unfortunately, the relationship didn't work out and they arranged a divorce. She got custody of Haru and moved to Alberta, Canada where she raised him while working as a novelist. This continued until Haru reached the age of eight, where he was sent to live with Takashi and his family in Japan.

While driving her car Haruko found a ten year-old boy named Ren passed out on the middle of the road. Ren didn't know anything about his past, and only knew his name and age. Haruko took Ren into an orphanage, but after multiple altercations with other kids, she was called back and ultimately ended up adopting Ren. With the help of Rob and Fumie, Haruko raised Ren.

During one summer, Haruko sent an email to Haru which said that she was "on the verge of death", this wasn't actually the case. She sent this to get Haru to visit her in Alberta, Canada to introduce him to his new brother, Ren.

She eventually leaves her job as a novelist and moves to Switzerland to pursue a career in CERN as a physicist. The CERN laboratory sits astride the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva

Character Edit

Haru calls Harko "mom"

Haruko reacting to Haru calling her "mother"

Haruko may seem cold and distant at first, but she is actually a caring individual. At times it may not seem like it, but she adores Ren and probably didn't mind taking him in because Ren reminded her so much of Haru.

She dislikes whenever Haru calls her "mother", demanding to be called "Haruko-san" and scares Haru to the point he even prostrates apologizing "for his insolence".

Relationships Edit

Kaidou Haru Edit

Haruko's biological son

Haruko treats Haru as her equal and expects her son to treat her the same. She knows her son is a very capable man, which is why she usually snaps whenever her son acts childish, especially whenever he calls her "mother". She rarely visits or interferes in Haru's life. She probably wanted her son to deal himself, in his own way, with his own life. From time to time, she's silently praising her son with a hidden smile.

Kaidou Ren Edit

Ren is Haruko's adopted son.

Haruko found Ren at the age of six lying on a road in Alberta, Canada. Haruka ended up adopting Ren. She loves Ren a lot that just receiving a simple email from Ren she returns to Japan from Switzerland even though she hates Japan's summers days the most, but she never shows her love for neither of her sons. Haruko also spent time doing things with Ren that she never did with Haru before, which she regrets a lot and she also regrets letting her both sons to go and live far away from her which makes her really lonely.

Kaidou Aki Edit

Biological son's brother

Kaidou Shima Edit

Biological son's brother

Kashiwagi Mikiko Edit

Haruko's very close friend

Mikiko is the Kaidou family's lawyer. She looks out for them for Haruka.

Rob and Fumie Edit

A couple that helped Haruko around the house in Alberta, Canada

Haruko wouldn't have been able to look out for any of her sons with the help of Rob and Fumie.