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Sasaki Ikuyoshi
Kanji 佐々木・郁芳
Birthday -
Age 24
Blood type -
Sign -
Height -
Weight -
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Brown

Ikuyoshi Sasaki (佐々木 郁芳 Sasaki Ikuyoshi) is a host and fellow worker of Haru Kaidō with a friendly and lively demeanor. He admires Haru and follows him working on the cafe White Fang, where he provides the food through his family in the country.

In the beginning of the series, Ikuyoshi worked as a host at the same shop as Haru. He dropped out of high school and became a host mainly because he has always admired and looked up to Haru.

When Haru told Ikuyoshi that Ren Kaidō was spending most of his time at the library, and that he was into Japanese and Chinese classics, Ikuyoshi replied that he didn't think he and Ren could be friends.

After Haru decided to open up a restaurant, Ikuyoshi excitedly quit the club as well. His family consists of nothing but farmers and thus they supply Haru's restaurant, "White Fang", with all their fresh vegetables.

When Ikuyoshi first started helping out with the opening of the shop, he was shocked to see Haru and Ren kissing. When he questioned Haru, he was only given the very vague answer of "Isn't this normal?" Eventually, he comes to accept Haru and Ren's daily displays of affection.

Ikuyoshi comes from a large family of farmers, with his older brother helping out with the family farm and his two older sisters both marrying farmers. His family farm is located in Chiba and is one of the suppliers for "White Fang".


  • Ikuyoshi gets along with Ren Kaidō, who he gives the affectionate nickname Ren Ren.