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Kurosaki Juuzen (黒崎 十全; Kurosaki Juuzen)  is a supporting character in the "Super Lovers" manga and anime written by Abe Miyuki. Juuzen goes to Souryou High School with Ren as his classmate and best friend. In the manga and anime, Juuzen is usually seen in school hanging out with Ren.


Juuzen has blonde and black hair, which is only black at the roots. His natural hair color may be black because both his eyelashes and roots are black, meaning Juuzen must be just dying his hair blonde. He seems to have a shade of brown eyes and has two piercings on the left ear and one on the right ear.


Juuzen has a outgoing and friendly personality.


Juuzen went to Souryou High School and finally approuched Ren after sitting with him for three days, which Ren thought was a little belated.



In chapter 5 Haru brings Ren to school and they kiss before leaving each other. Juuzen talks to Ren in class and introduces himself. Ren thought this was a little belated because they've been sitting next to each other for three days and Juuzen never once talked to Ren. Juuzen then explains how he'd been trying to get Ren's attention the whole time, but failed to do so.

"I've been trying to get your attention all this time! You got a hearing problem or somethin'?"

Juuzen then asks Ren about the "foreign" guy that he was with.

"That foreign guy you were with this morning... Is he your boyfriend?"

Ren explains how Haru's actually of Japanese ethnicity and how they usually don't kiss outside. Juuzen then becomes surprised because Ren has an expression which shows that he doesn't see anything wrong with the situation even though to Juuzen, it's kind of weird. Juuzen also notices Ren's straightforward personality.

Scary Juuzen

"Tokyo dudes are way more advanced than I thought!"

The school day ends and Ren immediately starts to go home even though he was suppose to make sure to sign up for a club. Ren tells Juuzen that he'd just sign up for one later because he is too busy trying to learn how to smoothly pass through the ticket gates at the train stations Juuzen walks Ren out and waves goodbye. Haru asks if that was a friend of his and Ren explains how Kurosaki Juuzen is his classmate.

"He speaks strangely... Well, actually, he himself is a strange sort. But he doesn't seem like a bad guy."

"I guess I'll remember him."


Kaidou Ren[]

Classmate and best friend

Juuzen is the only student of Souryou High School Ren really talks to. At first Ren thinks that Juuzen is quite strange, but throughout the manga their relationship becomes developed and Ren even talks to Juuzen about personal matters which Juuzen would rather not be delved into. This started on chapter 9 when Ren gets a nosebleed and starts to find what self pleasure is. Ever since both Juuzen and Shirou, the school nurse, are tormented by sick, uncomfortable questions from Ren about self pleasure and sex.

Juuzen Sad Tale1

First time..

Kaidou Haru[]

Best friend's brother

Juuzen Sad Tales2

Second time...

When Ren passed out because of sprinting too fast he was sent to the nurse's office and put onto a bed. Haru was called and eventually came. Juuzen comes to talk to Ren and ends up in a seemingly inappropriate position. Coincidentally Haru comes into the room and witnesses this. He gets very mad and jealous. This unfortunately happens more than once throughout the manga and anime.

Kondou Kiri[]