Kashiwagi Mikiko
Kanji -
Birthday -
Age -
Blood type -
Relatives Kiyomine(Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike!)
Height -
Weight -
Hair color Black
Eyes color Black

Mikiko is a close friend of Haruko and also the lawyer in charge of the Kaidou brothers, especially of Haru. Just like her friend Haruko, Mikiko is also an eccentric but talented person.

The moments Haru entered her office, she kicked him with the statuses book.

Her assistant: Excuse me madam? You'll damage the business if you throw that statuses book like that'.
Mikiko: Oh, because he's a host?
Her assistant: .. actually, I was referring to the book.

Even though Haruko brought Ren to Japan herself, she didn't go to see Haru nor took Ren to Haru herself. She asked Mikiko to help, providing all the proofs she had to make Haru understand the situation better. Mikiko was the one who announced Haru that Ren had been officially in the Kaidou family registry for five years already and that, as the eldest brother, it was his duty to take care of Ren too.

Even if Mikiko called Haruko an "oddball" and praised Ren for actually surviving living with her, Mikiko respected Haruko's words and said that what she, as a lawyer, thought was irrelevant and that what was important was Ren's choice.

Mikiko, just as Haruko, also believed Haru and Ren could get along very well, which was why she was on Ren's side when Ren and Haru met again.