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Kodou Kiri (近藤キリ; Kodou Kiri)  is a supporting character in the "Super Lovers" manga and anime written by Abe Miyuki. She went to Ren Kaidō's old school and now goes to high school with his.


Kiri has chin-length light brown hair that has bangs going on either side and green eyes.


Kiri has a easy-going and positive personality.


Kiri was with Ren Kaidō throughout middle school and now goes to the girls-only school across the river from Souryou High School (Ren's school).



Kaidou Ren[]

Kiri's best male friend

Ren is Kiri's friend and more likely her best male friend. Kiri's family enjoys Ren's company. In the manga it is shown how Kiri's dog is obedient only when Ren is present, but is chaotic when he's gone. Ren shows Kiri how to tame her dog throughout the manga.

Kurosaki Juuzen[]

Kiri's friend

Kiri got to know Juuzen through Ren.