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Shiba Natsuo (斯波夏生; Natsuo Shiba) is a supporting character in the "Super Lovers" manga written by Abe Miyuki. He is currently working as a Host (Haru's previous job). Because of Haru's stage name, "Natsu", he is always mistaken as Kaidou Haru.


Natsuo's facial features are very similar to Kaidou Haru's. When working as a host, Natsuo wears a blazer over a dress shirt with dress pants and a necklace. He is also usually seen with a pair of sunglasses in public. He is considered very handsome and attractive.


Natsuo is a suave, outgoing individual. At times he can be very assertive and exhibit reckless behavior or attitude towards people. Additionally, Natsuo is shown to be extremely lazy. Even if his house is messy, with litter all over the ground and revenge-graffiti from his ex-girlfriend covering the walls, he still refuses to clean and continues to inhabit the place like normal.

Natsuo may be good-natured or kind, but this is often disregarded by his sometimes obnoxious demeanor. This was evident during Kaidou Aki and Kaidou Shima's birthday party, where Natsuo forcibly kisses Kaidou Haru in front of Kaidou Ren. This made Ren mad; declaring that Haru belongs to him, and him only.

"Don't touch Haru again! He belongs to me!"Ren


Natsuo is Kaidou Haru's childhood companion and cousin. Haru became quite fond of Natsuo. When they were together, they'd look like brothers because their appearances were so alike.

Natsuo was separated from the Kaidou family at a very young age because his Father borrowed money from them and ran away to avoid paying it. In the manga it is mentioned how these unpaid loans were the reason why Haru had to work so hard to pay for Aki's and Shima's tuition.

After finishing education in Hawaii, Natsuo moved to Tokyo, Japan and became a host.



Kaidou Haru[]

Childhood playmate and cousin

Natsuo and Haru were very close to each other when they were little because of how much they looked alike.

Kaidou Aki[]

Childhood playmate and cousin

Kaidou Shima[]

Childhood playmate and cousin

Kaidou Ren[]

Adoptive cousin

Ren was invited over to Natsuo's apartment. It was a very messy place — there was trash and even revenge-graffiti from Natsuo's ex-girlfriend all over the walls. Before Ren leaves to go home, Natsuo trusts him with his apartment key and gives him a business card. Over the next day, Ren cleans up Natsuo's whole apartment and he was awarded with a large wad cash, which he tried to refuse, but Natsuo insisted him to keep it. Coming home the next morning, Haru scolds Ren for going into a stranger's house, staying all night, and then coming back home with suspiciously earned money.

Takamura Shiro[]

Worked as an intern doctor at the same hospital Natsuo's mother was in.

Natsuo has grown a fond of Shiro. Shiro would take Natsuo and Haru to the grocery store near the hospital and buy them ice cream.