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Kaidou Shima (海棠 蒔麻; Kaidou Shima) is a supporting character in the "Super Lovers" manga and anime written by Abe Miyuki. He is the younger twin brother of Aki Kaidou and lives in the Kaidou household with his three other brothers. He is currently attending college with his older twin brother Aki.


Shima is a very handsome young man with black hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses and always looks quite mature with his casual-formal wear. Shima's hair is short and doesn't look as messy as the other three brothers' hair.


Shima is responsible, composed, mature, and respectful. He is a very good natured individual that is observant to the people around him. Shima stays self-controlled and calm.


Shima and his brother Aki are half-brothers to Haru. Their father was previously married to Haru's mother. He grew up with Aki at their maternal grandparent's place and they both moved in with Haru after graduating from high school. Shima was the one to notice that their family register had changed, but he has never had a problem with accepting Ren into the family.



Shima Aki Haru Ren L2R

Kaidou Aki[]

Twin brother

Aki is Shima's older twin brother. Despite this, Shima is taller than he is. As siblings, they've always been with each other.

Kaidou Haru[]

Half brother

Haru is Shima's half brother from Canada. He was fostered by Shima's parent from Haruka and moved to Japan to live with the Kaidou family. Haru became a father figure for Shima and Aki ever since their parents died in a car accident. He worked hard as a host to get Shima and Aki into college.

Kaidou Ren[]

Adoptive brother

Ren is Shima's adoptive brother. He was not accepted at first by Shima and Aki, but he eventually grew on them. Ren was announced to be in the Kaidou family by Mikiko, the family lawyer. They all ended up living together after Haru quit his job and rented property from Mikiko.

Kashiwagi Mikiko[]

Kaidou family lawyer

Mikiko looks out for the Kaidou brother. She was the one that handled the accident where both of Shima's parents died.

Haruko Daniela Dieckmann[]

Half brother's mother

Haruka is very close to the Kaidou family who took in two of her children.

Natsukawa Ai[]


Ai is Shima's tutee. Ai had a crush on Shima in chapter 8 and episode 8 of the manga and anime.

Shima Tutors Ai

Shima tutoring Ai