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Takamura Shirou (篁志朗; Shirou Takamura) is a supporting character in the "Super Lovers" manga and anime written by Abe Miyuki. Shirou works as a school nurse for Souryou High School despite having a doctor's license.


Shirou is a handsome man in his 30's and has black hair and black eyes. He wears glasses and usually has on a casual dress shirt. While working as a nurse he wears a laboratory coat over a blue casual dress shirt with light brown jeans. He is often seen frowning.


Shiro is a caring and laid-back individual. In the manga he doesn't really express his emotions much, but he does in certain situations.


In the past Takamura Shirou worked as an intern doctor for the hospital where Natsuo's mother was hospitalized. He would usually take Natsuo and Haru to the store to buy them ice cream. Natsuo grew quite attached to him.

Currently, Takamura is working as a nurse for Souryou High School. Later in the manga he moves into Haru's previous landowner's property.


Throughout the manga Ren asks Shiro plenty of sex ed questions. This makes Shiro very uncomfortable, scolding Ren for asking him in the first place.