Template:Basic Infobox TemplateTanuki is the name given to the Kaidou brothers' dog. In the past, their previous landlord, Onodera, had a 'raccoon dog' living under his house. He would occasionally feed it portions of the food he ate, along with other scraps. Later when the 'raccoon dog' finally came out from underneath the household they had found out that it didn't look anything like a raccoon dog. When Onodera was sent to the hospital from a foot injury, Ren was chosen to take care of Tanuki until he recovered. But Tanuki ended up creating a strong bond with Ren, so Onodera let Tanuki stay with the Kaidou brothers.

Tanuki's past owner was a quiet old man who was said to have died peacefully. This is why Tanuki is so quiet compared to other dogs.

It is still questionable what breed of dog Tanuki is. The Kaidou brothers considered Tanuki to be a Pomeranian, but when Haruka came over, she argued how Tanuki also looks a lot like a Spitz. Another interesting thing about Tanuki is that when clipped, Tanuki looks exactly like a Raccoon Dog.

Tanuki is what you call a Japanese Raccoon Dog. This is where the name was derived from.